Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka

On the eve of admission to high school, high school student by the name of the new-found Cocoa Hoto decided to start living on their own and from scratch and moved into a small but cozy town. Clean streets, friendly people, what could be better than to start a new life of a high school debut? So Cocoa thought going to a meeting with his landlords, but to get lost in the maze of city streets, and she could not imagine what a wonderful, but still a wonderful life here waiting for her. Now baby Hoto resident and part-time worker and a cafe and bar in the evening under the name "The House Bunny," in which every employee http://hentaibase.ru/, visitor and even spherical fluffy mascot -which has persistently called rabbit strangeness. But it does not matter, because what country would not be a new life, it's her life, so we must try because of all the effort and make friends with new friends, and maybe even solve the mystery of the strange Fluffy.