Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan

As the national saying: "Japan - a country of eight million deities." Famous and omnipotent http://opolah.ru, little-known and less important - it does not matter, after all, one way or another, each deity one thing in that it symbolizes. Therefore, it would be strange not to find ourselves in the vast pantheon of All Japan town and modest goddess of hot springs. Hundreds of years she spent in the arms of a deep sleep. And now, waking in the situation of the modern world, the ball is very surprised that the true believers remained negligible. As a young girl she decides to fix the situation and in the process to regain strength. Fortunately, the place for the realization of design has turned quite good - a popular resort in the hot springs. It remains only to find allies, the first of which will be a high school student named Toya, and with flags and drums to advance towards the popularity tired of waiting!