One-Punch Man

In the universe of comics no surprise the monsters, villains and mad scientist They are natural phenomena - unpleasant, of course, but what can you do? The main thing is to have enough characters for the protection of ordinary people, and then - as lucky. And how on earth could happen that Saitama - the strongest of the heroes of Zeta City - on a fighter for peace and justice do not like: bald, short, face expressionless, the more clothes, even get in position and can not say pathetic! The fact that the Saitama - not a secret alien mutant or a billionaire, but only the unemployed, who decided one day to become stronger and live your mind. In three years, an atypical hero has grown so much that a single blow sends out even Superman, although the Prince of Darkness. Indeed, if desired, anyone can become a Buddha - but this Saitama just do not want to live hunting, pogeroystvovat, enjoy the recognition. And if so, will have to work on the image - take, for example, students in a young cyborg Dzhenosa, so start the local heroic Association - let though wages are paid, and that once all the time on sales run!