Noragami Aragoto

What - a wandering Japanese god in the form of a slim blue-eyed young man in a tracksuit In the Shinto deity force determined by the number of believers, and our hero - not a temple, nor the priests, all donations fit into the bottle of sake. The guy in the cravat moonlights as a master of all trades, malyuem ads on the walls, but things are very bad. Even the sharp-tongued Mayu, many years working sinki - Holy Jato arms - left the host. But without weapons, Jr. God is not stronger than the average mortal magician, we have (that's a shame!) From evil spirits hiding. And to whom do such a celestial need? One cute upperclassman Hiёri Ica threw herself under a truck to rescue some guy in black. The upshot is a bad thing - the girl is not dead, but gained the ability to "get out" of the body and walk on the "wrong side." Jato met there and knew the culprit for their problems, the homeless Hiёri convinced God to heal her, for he himself admitted that for a long time to live between worlds, no one can. That's just take a closer look, Ica realized that this Jato not strong enough to solve her problem. Well, you have to take matters into their own hands and personally direct the stroller on the right path: first find a ne'er-do-gun and then help to make, and before you know what happened. No wonder they say: what woman wants - God wants!