Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

The world has changed Total war and nuclear bombs are gone, but the inversion, the great change that has generated Genestell - children, gifted with magical abilities. They are faster, stronger, tougher due to the use of mana, but that's not all - individual geniuses can heal, raise barriers to animate golems and even look into the future. The most respected in any country, of course, is the magic of fighting - because who is stronger, he is right! The main spectacle of gladiatorial combat began, where the characters use the Suite - a powerful magic weapon. In the city of Asterisk on an artificial island young talents can learn in one of the six competing schools. Within each boils infighting; the best students fighting on the urban arena and in dark alleys. That's a nice place got a young Ayato Amagiri, who came to the school "Star Trek" in search of her elder sister. With "Boevki" Ayato at all normal, but will understand if the guy in the tangle of intrigue? Do not worry, it has a new girlfriend!