Shomin Sample

It would seem that in today's world, where globalization triumphant march across the planet, the technology continues to develop, and most ordinary people are increasingly traveling the world, a place for remnants of the past are simply not there. Kimito Kagurazaka's own sad experience that in reality it only seems so. Fate decreed that he found himself in this hotbed of old-fashioned values ​​and social backwardness - in an isolated school for noble girls, who are neither boys nor mobile phones, nor the rules of communication between the "mere mortals" do not really know. However, the girls should pay tribute to the external world awakens their deepest interest, and to the publication, they are very eager to learn more about the life of the "common people." It is commoner in the role of staff, able to answer all their questions, Kimito and was admitted to the school - or rather kidnapped and taken by force, but whom, apart from himself, worried about such trifles? And the most unpleasant thing in all this is that even Kimito priudarit these beauties could not: he was kidnapped under a false impression that he is interested in boys and no danger to young girls not. And if Kimito not want new troubles on his poor head, he would have to conform to this image and be a good boy.