Heavy Object

In an alternate future created the ultimate weapon - huge mobile fortresses, called objects. For invulnerable armor monsters are no obstacles on the land and the sea, and can even manage these fragile girl (what they actually did). Countries of the world "reset" in four new global alliance, but wars have become simpler and more honest - fight only objects rest of the troops turned to the forces of, the losing party fulfills the requirements of the winner. On lost in the snows of Alaska military base are two friends - the disgraced aristocrat Haven http://hentaibase.ru/, suffered for a long tongue, and poor student Kvinser who dreams to learn the technique and start their own businesses. All database work on the project "Baby Giant", which was manned by a charming Milinda. But with cutie-pilot did not chat too much, because the base commander, Major Froleytiya - not just a femme fatale, and the master of finding a job two young slackers. Alas, the halcyon days are in the past, when a blizzard comes the enemy. Now, four heroes will survive or perish only together!